A history of farming system research

Climate change, intercropping, pest control and beneficial microorganisms

Conservation tillage and cropping innovation constructing the new cultureof agriculture

Creating your eco-friendly garden

Encyclopedia of organic, sustainable, and local food

Epitaph for a peach four seasons on my family farm

Gaia’s garden, a guide to home-scale, permaculture

Gardening with woodland plants

Gardening without irrigation: or without much, anyway

Going organic, organic vegetable production

Good gardens with less water

Good growing: Why organic farming works

Great garden formulas

Greenhouse Gardener

Grow organic the practical guide to greener gardening

Growing home, stories of ethnic gardening

Handbook of organic food safety and quality

Handbook of vegetable pests

Heirloom vegetable gardening

Hemp diseases and pests: Management and biological control

Horticulture (The Green World)

Niwaki: Pruning, Training and Shaping Trees the Japanese Way

Non-chemical weed management

Organic agriculture

Organic agriculture: Sustainability, markets and policies

Organic farming and food production

ORGANIC FARMING: An International History

Organic food and agriculture – New trends and developments in the social sciences

Organic food Consumers’ choices and farmers’ opportunities

Organic foods

Organic fruit growing

Organic gardening

Organic gardening technology

Organic Marijuana Soma Style

Organic production and use of alternative crops

Organic production and use of alternative crops

Organic weed controla practical guide

Plant nutrition of greenhouse crops

Practical ecology for planners, developers, and citizens

Profitable organic farming, second edition

Research in organic farming

Revolucija jedne slamke

Sakupljanje i čuvanje sjemena

Secrets of the soil: New solutions for restoring our planet

Sociology, organic farming, climate change and soil science

Sustainable agricultural development

Sustainable agriculture and food

Sustainable agriculture reviews: Biodiversity, biofuels, agroforestry and conservation agriculture

Sustainable agriculture Second edition

Sustainable agriculture volume 2

Sustainable soils: The place of organic matter in sustaining soils and their productivity

The environmental impacts of organic farming in Europe

The One-Straw Revolution

The organic gardener: How to create vegetable, fruit and herb gardens using completely organic techniques

The organic gardener's handbook of natural insect and disease control

The organic way to mulching

The permaculture way: Practical steps to create a self-sustaining world

The search for organic growth

Tomorrow’s table: Organic farming, genetics, and the future of food

Under Ground: How creatures of mud and dirt shape our world

Water wise: Native plants for intermountain landscapes

Waterwise house&garden

Tomorrow’s table: Organic farming, genetics, and the future of food

Under Ground: How creatures of mud and dirt shape our world